What is the natural world?


This audio is a little snippet from this month's multi-sensory workshop which is centred on igniting the remembrance of the natural world

If this audio spoke to you and you feel called to come and explore more of this unique multi-sensory experience, join us in ORIGEN.

Dip your toes in and immerse yourself fully in the natural world.

Join for as little as EUR33p/m (no contracts)

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What is ORI•GEN?

Origen is a full multi-sensory experience and it is a space where you can embark on the primordial quest to ignite your original genetic blueprint and how to live in the natural world once again.

This journey is non- linear.
It is not a coaching program
It is not a spiritual path.

This is a full multi-sensory experience utilising all forms of vibrational art, audios, and vibrational media to ignite your original cellular remembrance.

This is for those who have already chosen the natural path.
Who are ready to untangle from that which is natural and come into the full...

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