Mayan Calendar 2020: Are we living in the real "end times"?

calendar genetic clock Jun 14, 2020

Before the introduction of the now Gregorian calendar, we operated and lived in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature, specifically we followed the cycle of the earth as it rotated around our central sun. This is how we had an awareness of our time, space and location.

This formed a way in which we as human beings could live in harmony and in sync with the natural flow of universal life. Our bodies were (and still are) intrinsically designed to sync with a universal genetic clock. This clock did not track time as we know it, rather it was a map or a blueprint that depicted the full genetic process or (Genesis) of universal expression.

From my own exploration of many original teachings I have found evidence of this same original genetic clock/calendar in the Celtic calendar, Myan calendar, the I-Ching, and many more. In the exploration of these teachings and through my own direct experiences I have come to realise that there an even greater blueprint that...

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