Emotional Epidemic

attuneme emotions remember Sep 24, 2019

Our human bodies were designed to be intuitive vessels so that we can feel and interpret the vast amount of information in our environment. In today's world, we are experiencing an emotional epidemic. We have forgotten how to feel.

In some ways, this is not our fault. We are holding onto so much suppressed emotional trauma and memory in our bodies. Our body is a storehouse of memory. It stores all emotional memory including that which is passed on from our parents, our ancestors, and even our collective past. As a result, we have become so numb to feeling and we now live in a world operating from a very limited capacity to translate and connect with our environment and each other consciously.

When an emotion is triggered, if we do not allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of that emotion, it fragments causing us to disassociate and lose touch with our true sensory awareness. Just as from childhood we can take on learned behaviors from our parents, as a collective we have taken...

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