Your nature is being revealed.

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

There is a natural intelligence so simple, so pure and innate that is coming alive in you at this time.

An intelligence that is so intricate, it has the ability to transverse time, to withstand many cycles of alchemical change.

Even the cycles of amnesia, 

This intelligence remained aware of itself. Laying dormant within us.

An intelligence so sophisticated that at the right chosen moment, one word, one taste, one touch, one aroma would ignite its memory, activating its full spectrum of truth and remembrance in you.

In one moment, all timelines, all storylines of humanity would weave into one thread, one awareness.

That moment is ripe. That moment is now.

That ancient memory is coming alive in us all and its time for us bear witness to its fruit.


With Love,

Niamh xx


​(c) Niamh Cronin 2020


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