We Are The 5th Element: Activate the remembrance of your primal power

vibrational media Jun 14, 2020

Vibrational Media:

The intention of this video is to ignite deeper remembrance through vibrational media. Here is a visual piece of art that has been intentionally created to unlock the deeper remembrance of the 5th element.

Remembrance is non-linear and through the exploration of our nature by engaging all of our senses, including sound, image, and vibration the true translation and the memory of what I am sharing will reveal itself.

What is the 5th Element?

[Please note: With any translation, yours is always the most valid. Trust your own translation of anything you receive in this space. I will share my own translation below and as always please take what you need and leave the rest.]

My translation of the 5th element is that it is the human avatar. The 5th Element is the synthesis of all elements to form a whole and unified substance. We (as human beings ) are the 5th element. We are the alchemical container to allow for all of the natural life to combust, transform, and alchemize within us.

Our human body is the intersection point. It is where the heavens meet the earth. It is the point upon which all elements meet, it is the point upon which all possibilities, probabilities, all timelines, and all-dimensional realities intersect. We are the access point to infinite intelligence and equally, we are the doorway for the infinite to materialize.

In Feb 2020, we explored the alchemical wheel and the process of alchemical evolution, growth, and the cycles of natural transformation. You could say that the body is the cauldron/chalice which creates the space to allow for these alchemical processes to take place. It is the point upon which all elements infuse, and as we evolve we move through many cycles of mental, emotional, physical, genetic and energetic change.

  • It allows for expansion and contraction
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Involution and evolution 

To understand this fully we will contemplate both the evolutionary and in-volutionary process. As a human and universal race, we are not just evolving, we are also involving. There is a dual process taking place. We are in the process of compressing all infinite awareness (spirit) and materializing it into the matter and simultaneously we are taking what is now being materialized, synthesizing, and translated it so we can then spirituality it through a new expression and emulation. This is creating a new blueprint for humanity. 

When making reference to this complex transformational journey and the expansion and contraction of our awareness we often make reference to the phrase 'evolution'. Yet in my own direct experience, we as human beings are going through the dual process of evolution involution at the same time. So instead when making reference  I will  use the word, Genesis.

Genesis; the origin or mode of formation of something.

The logos (the true meaning of the word) GENESIS for me encapsulates the dual-process taking place. It makes reference to the original premise and purpose of this human experience and the genetic process we are in.

You could say for epochs we have been journeying through this universe, moving through the many different stages of genesis. We have now reached the completion point of this genesis and we are entering into a re-geneis (re-birth). This is re-genesis of mankind and as we embrace this process in harmony with the earth, it will give rise to an entirely new expression of human life.

To contemplate and explore this process on a deeper level, I will extend an invitation to embark on the true primordial quest within GENESIS. This is an opportunity to journey deeper within yourself through a self-paced experiential journey in ORIGEN where you will be guided to unlock the original blueprint within yourself. This process is alchemical, it is non-linear and individual. It will assist you in going through the stages of your own re-genesis (re-birth), unlearning everything and untangling from the un-natural so you can fully be re-born into the natural world.

It is not a program, it is not a pathway. This is a self-paced journey, where you will ignite your remembrance through multi-sensory experiences. This will be available from July 1st 2020, but you can start it at any time. This journey was the original way ORIGEN is intended to be experienced and allows you to pave your own path and choose your own experience as you ignite your remembrance and original blueprint through experiential workshops and vibrational art and media. 

Please email me if you wish to begin this quest. [email protected].




The Body is the Focal Point:

The body is the focal point and it is the vessel that allows for the process of synthesis to take place.

Synthesis: the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole.

This is the process of allowing for the vast infinite nature of universal and natural intelligence to condense itself into the matter. The body itself is a fractal of the universe. A fractal is a condensed version of something greater.  That means the body is the densest, compressed aspect of the universe and contains all of the memory, elements, intelligence of our infinite nature.

The process of fractalization and the greater understanding of the physical and energetic structure of the human body we also cover in the deeper genesis pathway. But for now, by bringing your awareness to the truth that your body is the intersection point of the heavens and the earth. It is the house, the home for all elements (Earth, water, fire, air) to alchemize and harmonize.  It is the 5th Element- the integration and synthesis of all elements.


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