Embracing Uncertainty

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2019

There will be periods in your life when discomfort feels like it is never-ending. When everything feels unsteady, uncertain and uncomfortable and yet what if this was a necessary part of your journey? What if it was all part of your growth cycle? What if this prolonged period of the unknown was a sign that you are growing beyond all that you know?

For everything in life evolves. In nature life evolves through contraction and expansion- both are required. Yet we crave to always be in the expansion, to taste the fruits of our labour and yet to contract and go within is a very necessary part of the journey. For before every big expansion in life first comes a contraction. The discomfort we experience is normally here. This is when we have no choice but to go inward and to dig deep into ourselves and trust the process even though it may not make logical sense.

This is the part of the journey where it feels “intense”. Yet we tend to see intensity as negative and yet as we know from great pressure beautiful things are created. I speak from experience here and there is no other place to speak from. Intensity, discomfort and the unknown will always be a part of life but it is how we choose to be with it that shifts our experience of it.

As a human race we spend all of our time in resistance to the unknown and this is the cause of much of our suffering and yet what lys in and beyond the unknown may be the very antidote we are seeking. In those times of prolonged uncertainty sometimes the best thing you can do is embrace it fully. Surrender to being there as long as it takes. Through surrender, you are embracing the season you are in. You are saying yes to the transformation you are going through and no longer in resistance to it.

When you try to fix it, when you try to stop it this can sometimes prolong the process keeping you suffering even more. Not fully understanding you are in the midst of a very powerful transformational process.

Your perspective is everything.

No one can take your sight away. See the truth within your own journey. You always have choice- how you choose to respond to life’s “challenges” or how I like to see them is life’s contrasts. That is all they are. While this post does not give you a solution to the problems you may be facing - it was not meant to. I wrote this to remind you in the times you need to hear it the most~ you’ve got this. If there seems like no way out, perhaps it’s time to go within. When there is no answer and you are tired of listening perhaps it is enough to be in the silence.

For what if the solution arises the deeper you surrender and embrace your situation? I know this, for I have directly experienced it. I continue to know it each and every day. To dream big and create change it is a necessary part of the journey. For every big dream requires you to cultivate the space within you to hold it. It requires you becoming the person who can facilitate it. It requires you breaking down the molds, the limiting beliefs and programs of your old identity fully and completely so that you can emerge out of your cocoon with a solid foundation for the life you are calling forth.


Many are in the darkness now.
Call it the unknown.
Call it uncertainty.
Call it what you like.

Some have forgotten that they are in the midst of a transformational process and on some level consciously or unconsciously you are realizing you have chosen this. You have chosen to transform into something greater. Some of you have forgotten you have already asked for a better life or asked to see the truth, to experience more freedom and to live a life their heart truly desires.


Some of you deep down (while it may be unconscious) your soul has chosen to liberate itself from human suffering, pain, fear, grief, sadness, and despair. Now you must be with it as it arises, not to go back into the suffering but not now be a witness to it. Not try and run, hide or fix it but to see the truth within it. This takes immense courage. Yet we are all playing our part and no matter where we are in the journey remember this.

The ripples are already in motion. You are in the midst of one of the biggest transformations you have ever experienced.

Be courageous enough to embrace it. The subtle shift in our perspective will be everything.

For everything in this universe is born through a black hole, it is born through the unknown. This is the very nature of who we are. Creativity is born out of the unknown. Yet our relationship with the unknown is distorted. This is what we are here to heal.

“When nothing is certain anything is possible “ ~ Margaret Drabble

Trust your path.

You have got this. You are evolving beyond all that you know. This is what you are here to remember.

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Cynthia Orcelli

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like destruction."

With Love

Niamh xx



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