To be holy and human: The Modern Mystic

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

You can feel deeply, 
Flirt with the mystical,
The cosmos and the divine,
Yet at the same time remain so rooted
in the everyday world.

For me these experiences are not separate.

We have been conditioned to believe
in some ways these dual experiences are vastly apart yet the more we marry the mystical with the mundane in the realms of the present moment we become the 
true embodiment of what this human
experience is meant to be.

For me to have an infinite cosmic
& universal awareness which is rooted in the earth, nature and the density of the real world is the most divine experience there is. 

Sometimes the most mystical moments are the ones where a butterfly 🦋 flutters by and in that moment (Satori) you have an infinite realisation and greater understanding of life.

The most divine and mystical path for me has been on embracing this human experience fully without judgement in every moment. Not an easy task yet is the only path I can walk.

To be intentional with every act, every word and every connection, and those moments become the conduit for an even greater intelligence and awareness to be felt and experienced.

Yet we are often led to believe we must separate ourselves from the density of the real world to connect to this great awareness or become “enlightened”. This can be a huge distraction.

While it may be part our journey to move away from society so you can unlearn, and find yourself again, I have found the real journey is coming back into the density of this human experience, feeling it all so f**kn deeply, translating all our emotional experiences effectively and reconciling our deeper personal and collective wounds for they are the doorway to the infinite. 

Those who see life in this way to me are the modern mystics. There is no adhering to any “Spiritual path”, they see their own life, their current environment, their challenges, their relationships and emotions as their own mystery school and alchemical container for transformation.

ORIGEN is an eco-system for individuals who are walking their own path yet together they are in the remembrance of the original premise of what it means to be holy and human at this time. 

Join us and ignite your own remembrance through vibrational art, media, storytelling and multi-sensory workshops. 
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