The Pendulum of Purpose

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2019

Awakening to our purpose can lead us to explore many different aspects of our self. The search for more meaning can have us seeking to have many different experiences in life, playing out different roles, trying on new belief systems, religions, or even dogmas. It is the journey to explore many different personas, many different archetypes of our personal and collective human nature.


Yet the shadow of this journey is that if we are not diligent, at any stage we can become attached to seeing only through a limited lens or perspective of our human experience. We can become attached to certain beliefs and ideologies.


We can start to believe that "our way" is the only way and this attachment can become one of the many reasons that keep us from evolving. Some of the most “enlightened” people may have dedicated their lives to studies, mastering the ancient teachings yet if they become attached to this way, or this teaching to be the "truth" and yet it is merely only one flavour of our human experience, can this only serve to limit our perspective and perpetuate cycles of limited experiences?


A question to ponder on as we embark on this journey within to find more meaning, purpose, and harmony.


Yet what if rather than seeking to attach to one specific meaning our objective was to be in the curiosity. To be in the playfulness, to be in the exploration of self yet NOT attaching to any one thing, or one beliefs or perspective?


What if our journey was to explore all and awaken the truth within ourselves by seeing all of life's experiences as a reflection of parts of our sleeping consciousness??


I have found for myself that in my own journey to finding more meaning and purpose it has led me on such a wild adventure. It has led me to explore many “religious” and “new-age” teachings, ideologies, plant medicines, exploring ancient texts and teachings, even spending time with indigenous tribes and even exploring mystery school teachings, I have traveling to the sacred sites and so much more..


Exploring many rituals, healing modalities, and practices

Exploring archetypal figures, the goddesses, the gods, the “teachers” and "guru's" of times past. Trying on these stories of the old, the myths, the legends.

All for what? To find more answers, more meaning to what I was experiencing inside.


To try to somewhat understand myself more fully, to connect with my true nature, to understand our human nature and our true human capacity...


What did I find?

I found is that while it can be a thrilling ride, we must be mindful not to lose sight of the reason we went exploring in the first place. We must not get lost as we 'trudge" into the shadows of our individual and the collective unconscious.


We must not get lost in the ideologies, the practices, and the rituals, Yet as we sift through its important to take what meaning we need and leave the rest. To grasp on to the threads if truth so that we can unlock its deeper awareness within us and keep moving.


To keep exploring.. To keep adventuring..


We must allow for the integration of all these levels of awareness to be present here and now in our body, in this human experience. You see my journey has been one wild adventure and it continues to be. I find myself deepening my own awareness each and every day but I must be mindful to stay in my centre. To stay rooted and grounded in what is real here and now.


To allow the pendulum to swing in all directions, allowing for unlimited experiences of self, Allowing for the adventures into the wild unknown yet always maintaining a state of harmony. A state of equilibrium so that I can integrate and embody my awareness fully here.


So you may be wondering why I share this?


I share this because in my own journey my "searching" for more, while it has led me into the depths of my own personal awakening, it at times has also led me astray, to become lost in false truths. In a way misled by my own "search for meaning", keeping me living or playing out illusions of the psyche, illusions of our collective search for meaning, that leads us down the rabbit hole.


That leads us all as humans seeking externally for answers only to be caught up in a web of distortion. There were times when whilst my own discernment kept me far away from the illusions of some religious or spiritual ideologies, I still found myself seeking more answers and in the seeking I found it only made me feel more disconnected and more lost than ever before.


Now am I alone in this?? Certainly not...


Most of us are lost because of the simple fact that we are seeking...


Becoming conscious that we are in fact LOST is our key coming out of our SLUMBER and coming into a deeper understanding of our true nature, to integrate our dualities embody of our true sovereignty.


So when we are lost we find ourselves sifting through stories, ideas and beliefs in search for something that will stick, that will resonate, that we can attach to...

When we are in this place it can create separation, causing us to be for somethings in life yet in rejection to others.


Choosing some and not others.

Creating nothing but separation Creating nothing but limitations..


We can find ourselves resisting the life we have here and now, seeking to change what IS, instead of EMBRACING what is here. Now don't get me wrong there have been times in my life where I have experienced equilibrium and allowed myself to live and experience all the desires in life. Even the materialistic ones, allowing the mundane and the “spiritual experiences too.


Yet when we find ourselves off-kilter, when we find ourselves off centre, in resistance, in struggle or in conflict with anything in life, its time to question where we are at.


Its time to put the mirror up and explore our truth, Come back to our centre, gain a new perspective. One that is balanced.


To be in a space or a void where we can allow for all to be present. To be the witness and to be in the observance of it too. I see so many drifting further and further (like I did) away from their truth, from their centre seeking to create “higher dimensional” realities, in rejection of what is here now. ( I get it I have been there too)


Living in a daydream, wishing abundance to appear "any day now" through thin air, wanting to live in “peace and harmony” yet all the while in denial of the war, the pain and the poverty that is a reality in the world right now.


While it is possible to bring about this change, what if we must first look at our resistances, our underlying denial and rejection of what is here now- which is what creates more disconnection and disharmony. Then and only then we can have our "heaven on earth".


Let us not do what has been done cycles over and over which is the attempt to create a Shambhala, a heaven on earth, when we have not allowed for the heaven within ourselves to come alive.


To do the internal work necessary to be the eye, the lens for it all.

So we can be the lens to witness the light equally just as much as the shadow. As we become aware of these "higher dimensional" realities, frequencies and blueprints, do not be fooled to reject what is here now..


What if the 5D trap is an illusion keeping us seeking and in resistance to what is here. What if these ideologies are actually missing the point?
 What if our objective is to allow for many different levels of conscious awareness to become embodied here in this 3D physical experience?


For the body to be the house, the home through which all of life's expressions are made manifest and that our journey was to integrate that? To simply allow for the balance and unification of all these experiences and energies within us.


To allow for the pendulum of purpose to come alive in us as we allow for all expressions of life to be witnessed.


With love,

Niamh xx

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