Spreagan do Aishling Dochas: Let your dreams inspire hope

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

“Spreagann do Aisling dóchas”
“Spreagann do chuid focal paisean”
“Spreagann do mhisneach dán náisúin”


“Your dreams inspire hope”
“Your words inspire passion”
“Your courage forges a nation's destiny”

Words inspired by visiting the site where Michael Collins (Irish Revolutionary) was ambushed in Aug 1922.

A man we learned in our history who fought hard for the freedoms of this land, yet in many eyes failed as he only secured 26 of 32 counties of Eire.

It is believed by some that Michael Collins was ambushed by those who believed he failed the Irish people by signing the treaty with the British.

So much emotion moved through me today as I visited this place, realising we have been fighting this age old battle for eons. A battle for our freedom that can never be won and one which will only ever serve to separate and divide and turn nations against eachother.

Here we are again, HIStory is repeating itself again on the world scale. Another age old battle is brewing, as freedoms are being stripped away silently.

Yet we cannot go back into these old cycles by entering into rebellion. We can learn from our past and remember true freedom is not something we fight for it is something we claim for ourselves.

So let us not get drawn back into the age old patterns. Let us not get distracted in a battle that is designed to conquer and divide.

This is a time of Corona. (Meaning crowning)
Where we can now crown ourselves and claim our own freedom.

Remembering the power that we hold within. There can be no battle for your throne if you claimed it already for yourself.

That will be the most powerful antidote.
Then our dreams can truly inspire hope
Our words inspire passion
Then we can truly forge this nation's destiny.

Then you will be a lighthouse for many.

With Love




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