Self Doubt - A message for someone creating something new

"The future we are creating does not yet have a reference point. Do not let self-doubt keep you from taking action.

The seeds of doubt often keep us from moving forward. For we often seek the evidence first in the outside world to see if it has been done before. Or we look to the past at our own track record seeking evidence or the proof that we will or will not be able to achieve or follow through with what we desire to create.

Yet what if, the very thing you are being called to create does not yet have a reference point? What if it has not been created before? What if there will be no evidence for what you are creating and that you have to trust deeper than you ever have before in an IDEA. An idea that was born within you. That idea is wanting to come alive and yet we must move forward taking action in trust.

Doubt is a signpost, it is a signal that we are about to create something so much bigger than we realized.

We must acknowledge the doubt and move beyond it for what we are being called to create now is so important. We cannot re-create the ideas from the past.

For the most part, we thought we were creating a new yet we keep re-creating old ideas in new ways, based on reference points of the past. But the future we are creating does not have a reference point and we are being asked to lean into it with the deepest trust. To bring through the most powerful and magical ideas that are beyond what we can perceive, beyond what we can yet articulate or imagine.

If this idea was born in you, then it by its very nature is a possibility- all that stops it coming alive is doubt.

Doubt- I see you, I hear you, I feel you. You keep me safer than I know yet for this I will ask you to step aside and I ask you TRUST to walk by my side as I take full action in COURAGE to bring this idea alive."

- Niamh Cronin (c) 2019


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