ORI•GEN - A journey back to your roots

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

This is a journey back to your roots,
Your soul's origin.

To restore the remembrance of your
original genetic human blueprint.

Much of our human memory which was once lost is now being restored and it is happening within you.

The truth is distilling in your cells,
It is emerging through you.

A remembrance so subtle, yet so raw,
So potent and pure in its expression
and yet defies much of what you have been led to believe.

In a way, you may be seeking a reference point in the external world, in books, in spiritual teachings, ideologies and even in some practices, yet they fall short of what you now feel inside and what is awakening in you.

The reason for this is that what is awakening in you is far more #PRIMAL, more #ANCIENT, more #NATURAL more REAL than any attempt that has ever been made to describe it. ​This is why much of the truths of our origins, our individual and collective lineage, the memory of our species and our planet, may not be found in our history books but instead, they lay dormant within our bodies and are designed to awaken in a natural sequence.

Some of the keys to unlocking these memories lay hidden in the "stories", and "myths" that were passed down from generation to generation, (not by written word) but instead spoken into sound, into  frequency and passed down from our elders using the word of mouth. ​
These stories paint pictures in the mind's eye, of our archetypal nature, igniting remembrance of collective dormant memories, leaving clues or stepping stones that lead us back to true origins.
As martin shaw says “Nature speaks in myth” and we must begin dreaming with her again. We must start conversing with her again through myth, then, and only then will we remember our roots and a mysterious, alchemical process will begin to unfold naturally within you. Without the need of any external force, practice, ritual, or teaching. It is something so ancient yet so familiar. ​A natural intelligence so simple, so pure.

This is your original nature.

A week ago I felt moved to step aside and become the pure conduit for the full expression of ORIGEN and I felt moved to rename my IG account allowing space for this platform to fully express original remembrance through my writings, musings, vibrational art and more.

Over next few days, I will be resharing some of my original writings, musings and artworks with the intention to anchor this true memory at this time. 

With Love,


Niamh xx


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