Le Cuimhneach ( To Remember)

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

Surround yourself with people and places that bring out the best in you and also the reality you wish to live in. Having the craic (an Irish term) for having fun, laughter, “banter” and chats with friends for me is best medicine at this time.

This is another thing that I’m remembering and is deeply woven into our culture and to a certain degree in our modern world is now under threat. In its origins perhaps having the craic was the reflection of a community who held purpose and meaning and were so at home in their hearts they lived in celebration, in song and in dance with one another, in full radiance and expression.

Yet over the centuries as we became more disconnected from our roots and through a deep unconscious mourning of our culture it became a means of survival- a way we could attempt to keep our traditions alive and stay connected to a “better time” or feeling of home.

On one side we hold on to a memory of who we are and on another side we mourn it. Then infused with our drinking culture it can become a means or way of celebration or easily it can become a way to numb or suppress our unconscious despair.

No one can deny the feeling or nostalgia when you walk into an Irish pub and hear the fiddle playing, the clinking of the glasses as you raise them up together toasting “Sláinte” (To good health) as your join together in dance and recite the old songs.

The pathway to remembrance and forgetfulness is one of the same.

What we choose now is up to us.

There is an opportunity for us to embrace our culture even more deeply at this time. With recent pub closures here lies an opportunity to find the 'craic agus ceol' within ourselves without any external aid or alcohol. Let us come back to the feeling of home in our hearts, that is beyond time.

While it may feel like our freedoms are being stripped and our culture being banished once more, remember this:

In times of the greatest suppression is an opportunity for the greatest revolution of all: To remember who you truly are.

Let that be the toast “Sláinte” (To good health) to be in the full remembrance and expression of who we are as a people and as a culture.

Musings from adventures in the wild.

With Love



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