June 2020 Solstice.

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June 21:06:2020 Solstice.

For many, this Solstice will act as a powerful threshold. There will be many who will look back to this specific time in 2020 and they will remember the life they lead before it and will remember the changes that came after.

While this Solstice event happens every year, this year's June solstice is particularly unique as it will coincide with an annular solar eclipse. This will only happen two times this century, the next being in 2039!! Many (including myself) have been feeling a lot of intensity (Intense highs and lows) on the lead up to this event and while some may not realise the significance have felt this time has been calling them to reflect deeper on their life and at the direction they wish to take.

Humanity is at a major crossroads. We are all being faced with a choice point. This Solstice gifts ya all with an opportunity now to choose a new experience of life both for ourselves and for the collective. It is an opportunity to once and for all transmute our own deeper personal shadows, behaviour and patterns. This is the alchemical separation point; where we separate the residues and distortions from the purity of our true substance. 

They cannot come with us into this next alchemical and evolutionary phase. While we may feel our journey is separate from that which is unfolding in our world and in the cosmos it is very much connected. In fact the process that is taking place deep within our bodies, our emotions and within our genetic material right now is what is facilitating this vast experience.

We are the focal point and this Solstice event marks the beginning of a new genetic and transformational process that is taking place within you. We are evolving. We are entering a new genesis (rebirth) of the human race. All is changing. Nothing can go back to the way it was. Everything is being called into a higher alignment and it starts by each of us embracing the changes that are happening within us.

Be brave.

This is a pivotal moment.

Your courage is required.

You may have moments that you fear losing your mind. You may have moments of intense emotional overwhelm. You may even feel at times rock bottom. But remember the mind cannot comprehend this greater process that is unfolding so do not attach to the stories that arise when this happens.


Come back into your body.

Your body remembers.

Your body knows.

Orient your awareness inwards. Find your centre of gravity within you and within the earth. This is your orienting point. Your fixed point in this spinning world. As the earth now shifts it’s axis and begins a reversal a counter-rotation, it is up to you to hold your centre and focal point. Be mindful not to translate the density and intensity as negative. Stay in your centre embrace it and allow it to transform you allow it to move you.

This is NOT your breaking point it is your changing point!

Remember this.

With Love,



Ps. It is important to surround yourself with others who consciously understand this greater evolutionary process we are in. To understand the genesis we are moving through both internally and at a collective, cosmic and universal level.  Join us in Origen here.




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