EYES WIDE OPEN- 2020 Vision: Are you ready?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2020
These words I creatively channeled and shared at the beginning of 2019 however I feel now so more than ever they seem relevant. I often find that sometimes my writings are premature or in some ways timeless or perhaps written for a future moment. This is the beauty of creating freely from your open channel. There’s no attachment to it needing to be anything the only aim is to express it. Its meaning comes later and quite often it was written or created for a future moment. Time and time again I have others reflect this to me saying “your work transcends time” and it works on me at a deep level almost as if your words emulate across time and space.
Yes to some degree I do know this and the very nature of sharing my work through the senses it transverses the logical mind and speaks to a part of your body’s awareness that is timeless- your true state. This is where you remember.
All of what I create and share in ORIGEN is expressed in a way that activates all of your senses to ignite emotional and sensorial remembrance. Storytelling through all mediums, activating audios, vibrational visual artworks and so much more. Curious to explore? Click here for more

Channeled message: Jan 2019
This year will feel for many like a complete JOLT or FULL STOP!
Like a sudden recalibration, redirection and in a way a complete reset in many areas in your life. If you are an early adopter you will have already been experiencing this and laying down the solid foundations for next year anchoring these new frequencies of trust, surrender and allowing to be present.
This jolt for some may feel like an electric shock and for others, it may feel like they are entering a new dream. Closing their eyes and opening them and witnessing a completely new world.
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Change, change, change ~ is upon us and beyond what we could ever imagine.
The old foundations were finally dismantled late in 2018 and now with nothing to hold onto, these old structures, programs, dogmas, and belief systems are dissolving. Like an atomic wave of awareness and truth vaporizing them into thin air, and from this place, clarity will emerge. Clarity so pure that it will instantaneously transform how we feel and believe is possible. However, when this change comes you will be asked to dive deeper into trust. Trusting and listening to your own internal guidance and intuition. Trusting your body, your gut intelligence inherently. This will be your guiding force - trust it.
This sudden JOLT or shake-up will allow for a mass awakening to occur and those who were not aware it will be like all of a sudden a light switches on. A new sight will emerge allowing you to see through layers of subtle distortion - your internal distortion, distortion in others and in the world. With this newfound clarity, your job will now be to bring unity and bring harmony to it rather than to fight it.
You will be called to step further into self-responsibility taking ownership for reconciling these outdated patterns, beliefs and behavioral patterns within and in doing so it will encourage a shift in our collective psyche too.
A total reset is the theme and this will also be in relation to our planetary history. With this new level of awareness, you will also begin to see everything in a new light. Questioning our HIStory and entering into your own MYstory (mystery) and allowing the script to be re-written. You will unlearn much of what you have been told and begin to question everything with your curious heart.
It will be confronting for sure but ever so exhilarating as you reclaim your power in all areas of life. You have the ability to see the threads of truth within all things. This will become your focus. You will see the truth has always been there under your nose and yet it could only be seen when the heart was truly ready.
You will see that the truth permeates through everything like a golden thread. Illuminating the way. For some this internal revelation will feel like arising out of the ashes with a sense of empowerment and freedom and for others, there may be an initial shock- seeing everything in a new light. It may blind those who struggle to see the truth and for others, it will be a sigh of relief seeing in the world what they have always felt inside. It is also a year of total visibility, being seen in your truth but also you will begin to see others in their truth too.
With transparency comes the responsibility to be in your integrity as your every move, the intention will be felt, heard, witnessed and known by all. This year's receptivity will be heightened and activated in many who are ready. The process we are witnessing inside will now also be mirrored in the outside world and this year we will see a lot more light been shed on politics, government, our money system, systems of control, climate change and corruption. Again this bright light will allow everything to be seen, every nook and cranny- nothing will escape.
This time will highlight the degree of collective blindness and reveal to us our still current blind spots. There will be some who still refuse to see, blinded by the story and limiting beliefs and who will cling on to what they know refusing to let go of what they believe. This is ok. Everyone will see what they need to see and in their own time.
Our blindness will reflect where we are at in our journey. We all have blind spots and this year will be about revealing them and learning from them if we have the courage. This year will also be about learning about our light, our true light, so as our transparency and visibility amplifies we will begin to truly witness our power to create, our power to create change, the power of our presence, our truth, our integrity, our voice, our word.
We will begin to see that our light matters and when this sudden reset happens we will begin to see many who were hiding emerge blazing brighter than ever, with a piercing light so bright that some may be triggered. If you are one who is triggered know that it is an invitation for you to go into the aspects within you that this person is shining a bright light on.
You will also see a lot of people suddenly ripping off their “societal masks”, that they have been wearing for so long and you will witness them in their truest form. This will allow for so much more diversity, creativity and beauty in the world as people embrace their uniqueness. You will be called into transparency too, to lay bare your heart, to be naked in your voice your actions and called to represent your truth.
Your contribution this year is needed, you matter, we all matter. In fact this year everyone must rise, this is not for the lone soldier but it is time for all to rise into power together side by side. We are also going to see transparency manifest on all levels and we are already seeing this play out in technology with the development of decentralized platforms.
What is happening within us will be mirrored throughout all realities and we will see the surge in AI (Artificial Intelligence), social media, networks, and technology allow for transparency at a level we have not witnessed before. BIG BROTHER all eyes on you and on everyone, a free global society or another cage to control?? Only your human heart can decide. Discernment is our own way.
Just remember that everything that is awakening within us, within our hearts, within our awareness, within our bodies so too will be created in our outer world. For everything in this universe, there is an equal and exact opposite force and our job will be to discern what is natural, what is innate and what is real.
Nature vs Technology ~ you decide.
But of course, our journey must begin to experience our own true nature first, to reconcile where we hold our own internal distortions so that we will develop the senses to detect where the distortions ly in the world.
This year will be EYES WIDE OPEN 👀 ~ are you ready??

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