Have we forgotten how to dream?

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020

I know this time of year can be challenging for many, as we enter into the unknown and there can be so much pressure to set goals and new years resolutions and have your life "together", when in truth the turn of the new year brings up a lot for many.

It is a period of death and rebirth, and that can feel challenging. However, we go through periods of death and rebirth many times throughout the year not just at New Years. We go through a death and rebirth every time we make a new choice and every time we choose to change.  This is the natural cycle of life. When we become present to this we can grant ourselves permission to go there fully and trust the process, allowing ourselves to evolve naturally.

Life then becomes very intentional. We begin to recognize that growth is non-linear and in fact growth is cyclical and every time we choose to expand or grow we end one cycle of growth bringing the wisdom we have gained with us into the next. We move through many micro and macro-cycles in our lives, just like nature itself. In fact the more intentional we become in our lives, we realise there is an opportunity for us to move with the seasons and with the natural rhythm of nature. 

As the saying goes "As above so below"

What if our own internal cycles mimicked the grander cycles of nature and the cosmos and we are only beginning to remember this.

Most indigenous cultures knew this and still practice this today. They understand that it is very necessary for us as people to live in harmony with our natural world, to move with the seasons, to create in harmony with her rhythm and if not, and if we choose to toot our own horn, not in tune with the songlines of nature, we move against the grain, getting lost in our own symphony and ultimately creating disconnection and disharmony with all of nature. 

You could say that we are in the midst of a macro-cycle right now as collectively we enter into a new decade and some say it heralds a new beginning for humanity. It brings an end to our unconsciousness, to our slumber. Forgetting our intimate connection with all of nature.

As this new cycle emerges, we are granted an opportunity not only personally but also collectively to rewrite the scripts of the past and to dream a new future. 

But the question is have we forgotten how to DREAM awake? Have we forgotten that we are in the midst of the greatest dream of all right now? That we are DREAMING our reality in collaboration with nature (right now) and the choices, intentions, and actions we make right now affect the trajectory of our future dreams?? 

Many ancient indigenous cultures speak of dreaming and the power we have to weave and create new worlds and realities. The indigenous Australian cultures would refer to this as Dream Time. In Celtic mythology, we refer to it as Tir Na Nog and in many other cultures, there are various stories that speak into our ability to dream consciously with the earth. This is about entering into a state of conscious awareness with an infinite intelligence that lives within all living things. Have we forgotten our power to truly create from this place? Instead, unconsciously creating from outdated narratives?

This is a small extract from ENTERING THE DREAM 2020 our online vision quest that kicked off on January 8th in ORIGEN. This is a very unique process to create your life intentionally in harmony with nature. Yet this is not just for New Years it is a remembrance of a way of life. A remembrance of how to dream and envision and to harness your true power to create from a deep source within you and free from any external limitation or condition.


As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

This is a remembrance of how to truly dream and make what is intangible tangible now in the real world. This online vision quest is about giving yourself time to step back from the outside world, to quieten your mind and listen to your true heart's desires.

Ask yourself this:

Have you ever cultivated the space to question if what you desire for your life truly stems from a deep source within you?

A true vision quest is to go deep into your own nature and listen to your inner voice. This is the only true foundation we can create from that is in alignment with our nature and nature itself. Otherwise, we are creating through limitation and condition rewriting the same scripts over and over - ones that were written for us and not by choice.

This is a journey of unlearning many of the outdated and even limited manifestation tools and learning how to harness your true sensorial awareness and emotional intelligence in collaboration with the elements to create.

This is an invitation to journey deeper into your remembrance and your mastery to create.

It is a self-paced journey, one you can begin at any time yet at this time of the year it is one of the most potent times to harness your true power to create and dream into your future from a place of deep truth.

What can you expect?

  • Enter into the dream with Niamh as she takes you on a journey through 7 activating audio adventures.
  • Supportive practices to integrate this creative process
  • 30 Days access to ORIGEN Community for group mentoring, online support and integration.

Exchange: EUR99

The value of what is shared in this program is life-changing and will change the course of how you create in all areas of your life.

This is your invitation, the question is will you dream with us?

Click here to join. 

With Love,

Niamh xx


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