Are you creating through survival or safety?

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2019

2019 I have been learning a lot about safety. After experiencing what can be perceived as so much loss in 2018, where my entire life was turned up-side-down and inside out I plummeted into a deep sense of fear and survival. There was so much unknown. Where would I now choose to live? What would I do with my business? What would I do as a source of income?


I felt so unsafe in the world. Everything I had put my trust in had fallen away. Survival became my default. We all have a learned trauma response, this is normally wired in the first 7 years of our life. This is how we choose to react to a threat in our lives. Our survival instinct. We can choose to either fight, flight or freeze. Take a moment now to ask yourself what do you feel your pattern is? Mine is freeze. Since an early age, I learned that if there was something that threatens me in any way, my body’s response is to freeze, to go into shutdown. To pull away from the world. In this state, it is very hard to think or even see clearly. It is very hard to plan, to strategise or even act.


When your safety and security and ultimately your foundation is threatened to that degree sometimes this somatic body response over-rules and over-rides any rational thought. This is what I directly experienced. While I knew that ultimately I was ok, I began to react to everything through survival. Operating and making choices out of fear. To sit with this consciously was a very profound experience. To witness the somatic response, my body over-ruling my choices was both fascinating and challenging all at the same time. I could see it and yet I could not understand why it was dictating and over-ruling my responses.


When we become conscious of an unconscious pattern or trauma response we have two choices

  1. To allow it to continue
  2. To see it as an opportunity to truly get to the root of it and release it fully and completely.

I chose the latter.


I saw this as an opportunity to sit with it. To sit with the deep emotions that were triggered by survival. To observe my body’s reactions, my thought patterns and the memories that it triggered. To get to the root of my own trauma response. To heal my childhood traumas. To teach my body that I was now safe. I am a firm believer that when a trauma is triggered in our own personal lives we are not only given an opportunity to heal it personally but it is also an opportunity for us to simultaneously heal it collectively.


I recognised that while I held some deep survival wounds within myself, the origin of this trauma was rooted in something much deeper- our deep collective survival wound. This is the wound that we all carry, deep within our cells, in our ancestral and genetic memory - a deep sense of fear, of mistrust, lack of safety and this is what I know I was being called to sit with and to feel. This journey took me deep into what I feel is one of our core root traumas or original traumas as a human race - fear.

Fear drives so much of our choices. It can be subtle and go unnoticed until we truely sit with it and see it for what it is. What is our fear response as a human race? Again we either choose to fight (create wars) we flee (Run or avoid) or we freeze (become subdued and experience powerlessness). This trauma response plays out at all levels of society and no one can escape and yet to truely heal it we will all need to feel it and consciously see it for what it is so we can then choose how we are going to respond to it moving forward.

To cultivate a sense of inner security and safety so that we can re-write the script.

So over this past year, when in the midst of uncertainty, I used this as an opportunity to cultivate a sense of inner safety. This has not been easy, as I have really had to work with my body to cultivate feelings of safety even when perhaps my circumstances or environment has not mirrored that. When we can cultivate and meet our own internal needs in this way I discovered externally they will be met too. I realised that until this point in my life, I had been creating everything in my life out of fear, out of external expectation, out of survival, out of scarcity and through societal condition. No wonder, the “lifestyle”, the money, the relationships and all that I had created had fallen away in 20178- because they had all been created from a false foundation. I was been called to now create from a very new place within myself. To create from a solid foundation. From a place of certainty, knowing, connection, safety, trust and security. Things I could only choose to give myself.


Now I get to create from my truth. No longer making choices out of fear, out of scarcity or survival but instead choosing my experience rooted in what is real. This does not mean I no longer feel or experience fear, it means I accept it but choose something different. This is where I choose to create from. As I cross the threshold into 2020 I bring with me this feeling of safety. The remembrance that I get to choose.


"I dream of a world where someday where all of needs will be met, where we get to create from a deep sense of safety , where we can open our hearts more fully and collective choose a different experience and yet for now, it starts within ourselves, choosing to cultivate it first from within."


If this piece spoke to you, if you are feeling called to create your life intentionally moving forward, rooted in what is real then I am extending an invitation to join me on 4th Jan for a very powerful and intentional online experience “ Entering The Dream” - a 3 part creative process where you get to create your life intentionally and in harmony with the natural flow of life.


This differs from a lot of the mind-based practices and manifestation teachings and will be very experiential. Last year I had over 200+ people join me for this experience and still to this day I am receiving so many messages from people sharing how this process has completely changed their lives. We will be focusing on what I call original creation and remembering how to create in harmony with nature (lore), and work with our emotions and senses in collaboration with the elements. This is the remembrance of our true power to create and is the most powerful process there is. The potential of what you can create using this is infinite. Please do not underestimate it.


What you'll get:

  • Access to 3 x Creative Workshops
  • Daily practices to support you in implementing this creative process
  • 30 days access to ORIGEN Home and community for group mentoring, online support and integration.

What to expect?

This is the perfect blend of modern meets mystical and the activating of ancient wisdom in a modern context.

It differs from other mind-based manifestation practices as we will be engaging with our full sensorial awareness, and emotions in collaboration with the elements (nature) lore to create.

The pace will seem different, there is no rituals only choice and this will be about cultivating the ability internally to take responsibility for all results you create in your life.

We will be unlearning and unraveling ourselves from some of the limiting ideologies and manifestation frameworks so we can remember how to create free from limitations and conditions.

When does it commence?

We will commence on January 4th 2020. In numerology, since 2020 is a 4 year we will be beginning the journey on this date. You will have access to the content for 30days along with access to ORIGEN Home and community.


I hope you will join us.

With Love,

Niamh xx



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