Art as a medium for divination

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2019

You may think that this is simply just an artwork yet these Attunement artworks are a divination tool where it can be used as a medium or divination tool to diagnose an individual's core energetic signature.

 The intention is to reveal the individual's energetic signature, unlock their core blueprint, as well as their core wounds, detect where trauma may be held in their field and how it is manifesting in their life today. It is also acts as a map to detect subtleties in their energetic field.
These may be programs, beliefs, energetic imprints, ancestral or familial patterns, emotional sounds &more. Revealing these subtleties we begin to understand more of who we are. What we are here to “heal” and reconcile and what gifts and essence we are here to bring and embody in the world.
These pieces are intricate and delicate as they unravel all the programming and layers of synthetic light matrixes and cut through the “dogmatic” approach to the self, spirit, and soul. This is about bringing us back to the presence of the body and becoming aware that our body is a composite of many complex pieces of information and we hold vast amounts of wisdom within us waiting to be unlocked.
The pieces also are a map to navigate our multi-dimensional awareness and become more aware of their natural energetic bodies and how to unlock dormant potential in their energetic field and cellular memory in the body. Every reading is wholly unique and specific to the individual's intention.
This artwork piece is accompanied by a storytelling /audio recording. It can be used by the individual as an Attunement piece. So whenever they wish to Attune centre or come into harmony they can use this artwork in contemplation to unlock more meaning and truth. The artworks reveal more in time and that is the beauty of these timeless artworks. If you would like to know more send me an email [email protected] or you can find out more or book a session here on our website.

With Love

Niamh xx 



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