Make a stand for what is real

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

Now is a time to make a stand, not only for what you believe in, not only for your human family, not only for the truth that is being revealed, but now it is time to consciously make a choice on which reality you choose to occupy and create within.

Contrast has never been more ripe. 

We are no doubt at the precipice of the most immense transformational change this planet has ever seen. We are in witness to the great revelation. 

This revelation brings us to a crossroads. 

Do you continue to operate within the parameters of that which is un-natural or do you courageously choose to make a stand for what is real? 

Do you choose now to stand in the presence and in the environment of the natural world. The foundational blueprint which upholds all other realities? 

When we stand and occupy space from here, we are operating, living, and creating from within the deepest foundational blueprint that underpins and governs all else. Therefore when we remember this we will no longer be bound by the limitations, laws, contracts, imprints & technologies that appear to “threaten” us. 

This is the remembrance that all realities are governed by specific laws and agreements and yet there is a foundational blueprint which underpins and governs all of life. That which is natural and unnatural. This is natural lore. 

Those who are on this path of original remembrance are becoming aware of this choice right now. Some are choosing to make their presence and authority known within the environment of natural lore and are beginning to remember how to live and create in harmony from this place within. 

This is the remembrance of your original blueprint. 

The remembrance of how to truly liberate yourself fully and make your stand at this time at the deepest foundational level. ~

Will you make your stand?

Ps, This video was recorded when I was standing on the peak of mount Haleakalā Hawaii last year, making my stand, and my proclamation to live and engage within the parameters of the natural world. This is the remembrance of what we are restoring in ORIGEN through very intentional and experiential practices.

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