Ancestral Remembrance: It is time to resurrect the oral traditions

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2020

I, Niamh [ˈniːəv], Ni Chronin, nee Hickey [Ó hIceada] descendant of the Dalcassian clan who were well known in early times for their role as practitioners in folk medicine. The term "iciadh" means "healer", a well-deserved cognomen since many manuscripts survive which bear witness to their continuing interest in the recording of various remedial treatments.


“The Ó hIceada, by reason of their skills and knowledge of country cures, gained positions of importance and were chosen also as hereditary physicians to the Earls of Thomond. 


Consequently, most of their books and manuscripts' notes were considered to be of great value and were both carefully copied and maintained. Plants, herbs and flower petals, the leaves and roots of many common weeds were all used in the compounding of cures and medicines they offered.”


As I retrace my roots and my ancestry I find so many hidden clues and memories that make my journey and path all the more translatable. For it was and alway has been in my blood to restore my healing abilities, my extra-sensory awareness and connection with the natural world, plant medicines and more. Much of our true Celtic mysticism and memory has been lost and it is up to me to restore it.


This wisdom was not captured in any ancient texts, it was passed down through generations in our genetic memory and activated through word of mouth as the sacred teachings were passed from one generation to the next. When the oral tradition was banished and made wrong, the memory still continued within our bodies, yet laid dormant until such a time it was ready to be restored. 


There was an attempt to banish our Celtic transitions and origins amongst many other original cultures as our ways were so close to the truth and true way of life.


Yet now is a time for it to be restored and it is time to speak of this memory for that alone will activate it. It is time to bring back the oral traditions and ignite these original teachings. 


For these original teachings are not just confined to the borders of this land, these original teachings stem further back that we can ever imagine, and are woven deeply into many other archaic cultures which too were banished and forbidden.


There is a reason many hearts are drawn to the heart of these lands, our folklore, traditions and our culture. For it holds a piece in not just restoring Irelands memory it plays a vital role in restoring our entire earthly and human memory.


The archaic cultures and memories are rising and EIRE is a key. Those born of this land who carry these original genetic memories in their blood are the ones who are now custodians of it again. 


Its time to speak.

Its time to begin the oral traditions once again.


Speak with me.

Share your memories.

This is how we shall begin.


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