A Letter to your Inner Artist.


A Letter From Your Inner Artist

I wrote this post on 19th Jan this year, after completing a very powerful online program where over 200 + people joined called "The Blank Canvas". I wrote these words as a way to express where I was being called to create, even though at the time I did not know exactly what I was creating.

Quite metaphorically I standing before a blank canvas with my paintbrush ready to allow for what I was feeling inside to be fully expressed.

They say a true work of art requires patience, it requires surrender and trust as you allow for something new to emerge without trying to control, limit or taint its expression through the lens of the past.

This message that I wrote, now I recognize was a letter to myself, to my inner artist providing a glimpse into this greater vision, that would continue to bleed through me for most of this year. There were so many times when I thought I had it (like it was something I had to grasp and control). I tried to package it again and again only to find I was dressing it up in old clothing. Needless to say, they did not fit.

It tested me, it stretched me and continues to do and now after almost 9 months of allowing this idea to gestate and evolve, I feel I am ready to share it with you. This is for those of you that feel called to celebrate this with me. Those who have been patiently been with me on this journey.

"To create something different you must be willing to be in the silence, the stillness to hear your own voice. " - Niamh Cronin

 Jan 19 2019 Blog entry:

A message to your inner artist.. 

“You may have been deep in the inquiry of how to continue to express your voice authentically whilst simultaneously allow it to feel #expansive and free. It has taken for you to unwind from the #conditional matrixes, the false identities, and business structures so that you can truly hear your own voice. I know you are feeling more and more called to simply create. It feels that something wants to be born through you that has its very unique style and pace. It cannot be rushed. It desires time and patience (a lot of which the outside world is not tolerant of today).

For something new to emerge through you, you must be with our own creation, pulling back from the outside world to hear the subtleties of own voice. Every time you feel you know what the creation is going to be, think again. It has its own timeline, trust it. There will be numerous times you will try to articulate what you are creating and fit it into an old mold yet it will not fit and you will be forced again and again to surrender and lean back into the creative process.

Your only role is to be in the creation. Create, create, create. Listen and allow the inspiration that flows through in that moment. Do not judge. Simply allow it to take form. The form itself doesn't matter in the beginning as it is the energy that is at work. The energy is coming alive in you, you must feel it, you must get to know it so that you become the conduit for its true expression.  This is what creators do, they must have the courage to strip themselves bare so they can create through unconditional. For nothing new can be born through condition.

You will remember that you are an artist and that you always have been. You will remember that your sole job has and always will be- to create.To create and allow the divine to be expressed freely through you and that in itself will become the most transformative tool that you will ever have.

It will heal. It will ignite. It will activate remembrance in others through its form and yet that will not be its focus yet a powerful bi-product of its creation. Now is about making what was once intangible, tangible. To make what was once inaccessible- accessible. This will be about expression without attachment. Expression without expectation. For you now it is TIME to focus on building a solid foundation, rather than any quick fix and "fleeting" solutions. The world today is addicted to excessive overproduction and consumption of goods, content, and services. We are saturated beyond measure, regurgitating information, and ideologies for centuries over. All for what? Quick monetization, to create the quick fix, to grow your online influence.

We see the easy way today the easiest way to "win" in a system that is going bust is to not create at all but to simply regurgitate and allow for old outdated structures, tools and ways of thinking to re-circulate and yet the antidote to free ourselves from this insanity is to begin creating again.

To become a creator.

This is our only antidote yet not many are willing to pull away from the rat race. To be still and create in a world that is not tolerant or accepting of a different pace. To be patient in a world where that is not the norm requires courage. This will be your greatest test. You must commit now to running the marathon rather than the sprint. You must drop all other tasks, you must close all other doors and decide to go all-in on creating this even though you have no idea what it is or will be.

 It will happen in its own time and will not adhere to anyone's timeline including your own. People may think you are stopping and starting, yet what they don't realise is that you are perfecting a masterpiece. What you will learn is that it is the creative process itself will be its medicine. Not just for you but others too. Let others come and watch you paint, let them see this take form. The enjoyment of art is in the creation of it. It is when you take JOY in each brushstroke, in each expression. It is about being in the CURIOSITY of what is being created and experiencing the creative life force as you allow it to flow through you.

This is the part that is often missed in the creative process. The medicine will reveal itself to you as you create. Revel in it, enjoy the mystery. For it is in the stillness and presence with what is unfolding at the moment, that the mystery of life is revealed to us. For now, simply paint and a time will come when the masterpiece is ready to be revealed.  You will be ready and also others will be ready to receive it too.

With Love,



(C) Niamh Cronin 2019.



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